Sunday, August 21, 2011

Song of the day: White Levis by the Majorettes

It's always hard to find 60's girl groups records, much less ones with picture sleeves, but I totally scored today and found a girl group 45 by the amazing Majorettes!! The A-Side is White Levi's:

The B-Side is Please Come Back:

The Majorettes also did an ADORABLE song that was featured on one of the Girls in the Garage comps. You have to click here right now to listen. Probably one of the cutest songs of all time!!

Ricki Page was in the Majorettes along with her daughters (Sheila, Joanna and Rebecca). Not only that, but she was in a handful of other groups, too! June and Joy, The Page Sisters, The Bermudas (who are amazing, I blogged about them a while back), Becky and the Lollypops.... she was also a session/studio singer and worked with Darlene Love and the Righteous Brothers (!!!)

Read a really interesting and informative interview with her here.


  1. Thanks for this! Trying to find out more about this group.

  2. Browsing my wife's Pendleton catalog. They mention the shirt, surfers and the 60s. Hadn't heard the song in over 50 years. Brought back memories.