Sunday, October 9, 2011

Oh, Honey!

Honey Lantree stuck out like a sore thumb as the drummer of a great 60's English pop group called The Honeycombs. They had a few hits in the mid-60's and disbanded in 1966. Their biggest hit was Have I The Right:

They also recorded a German version of this song :-)

Honey was working as an assistant in her friend's salon. He taught her how to play the drums and about 6 months into practicing, he asked her to join his band, The Sheratons (who would later be known as The Honeycombs). Honey also sang backups on a few songs with Dennis D'Ell (can't seem to find these songs on the internet to share!)

Throughout the band's success, there was controversy over her drumming, and if she had really played on the recordings. Writers accused the band of being gimmicky because they had an attractive girl drumming. I mean, they are totally right. It's downright ludicrous to think that a girl can be attractive and also play an instrument!!! (end of sarcasm) Anywho, her drum kit was custom made by Carlton Drums, thankyouverymuch!

Their 4th single was written by Ray Davies of The Kinks - but I'm not sure if this song was written for The Honeycombs first? I personally like The Kinks version better:

After the band broke up, she attempted to start an all-girl band, but wasn't able to find enough female musicians to play with.


  1. Hiya, great article. It is crazy the way the popular press accused Honey of being a gimmick. Although The NME 23-10-1964 (about the Honeycombs at the Astoria, Finsbury Park) said - "Is It Because" ... proved that Honey Lantree can play the drums. -
    Honey performed on the second biggest hit "That's The Way", duetting with Dennis, which got to number 12. Also "Something I've Got To Tell You" (which the current line up of The Honeycombs have re-recorded) and she also did the very lovely "This Year Next Year" which was another duet.

  2. Please forgive the double comment but it wouldn't let me post so many words. I wanted to add,

    It seems amazing that she couldn't get enough girl musicians together to form a band. They did exist, e.g Megan Davies who played bass with The Applejacks, but she was busy at the time. There must have been lady guitarists as well but probably either not available or not interested. Shame really.

    It does give me a chance to link to the band's official website. I hope you don't mind. At least the comments are constructive.

  3. I love their drummer. She's the cutest!! And I've never seen that color clip before; only black and white. Great share :D

  4. Honey was/is amazing! Just love her! My favorite Honeycombs cut is "That Loving Feeling." It totally is the blossoming of the post-Pet Sounds and Revolver era... Hello psychedelia! Love it! I bet it was a gas to record!