Sunday, August 14, 2011

New arrival bin

DEAD MOON are re-releasing their 2nd LP from 1989 and 3rd LP from 1990, remastered from the original tapes. On vinyl!!!

Patti Smith's "best of-ish" 2-LP compilation called Outside Society will be released in a few weeks. The picture on the cover is pretty cool.

Odyshape by Raincoats will be reissued on vinyl next month.

Jill Scott's new album, The Light of the Sun, is available on vinyl.

Ella Washington's self-titled album, released in the late 60's, has been reissued on CD. This lady can sing her butt off:

Kent Records released a 45 EP last week called The Stars of Mirwood. One of the songs is a girl group called The Mirettes, who are siiiiick. This is the song on the 45:

...but this song is effing amazing, sounds like Marva Whitney/Lyn Collins/Betty Wright... damn giiirrrllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There's a new northern soul comp CD floating around, featuring Betty Everett, Linda Jones, Gwen Davis, Beverly Shaffer.

A collection of songs by 30's/40's actress/singer Gracie Fields has been reissued onto CD.

Connie & Clyde
: Connie Francis sings songs from the 30's (but recorded this in 1968).

Sun Records released another compilation. While there weren't that many female singers on Sun, this compilation features some songs by The Miller Sisters, Barbara Pittman, The Kirby Sisters, Anita Wood, Barbara Pittman and Maggie Sue Wimberly.

The new Wild Flag album comes out next month!!

The new Dum Dum Girls album comes out next month, too.

Rare Andrews Sisters songs has been reissued onto CD.

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