Saturday, February 13, 2010

All in the family: The Bermudas

The Jacksons, Osmonds, Shaggs, Kitty Daisy & Lewis... I love those musical families! The Bermudas were a 60's girl group consisting of sisters, their mom and their aunt. As far as I know, they only released 2 singles. The amazing mom, Rickie Page, was a background singer in other groups (The Georgettes, Joanne & the Triangles, The Majorettes, Beverly and the Motorscooters, The Jordanaires, The Spectors Three and Bobby "Boris" Pickett... you know, the MONSTER MASH guy!), co-wrote many songs with her songwriter/producer husband George Motola and also ran a label with him (Troy Records). Talk about a cool mom! You can hear some Bermudas songs here. And check out this cute song by Joanne & the Triangles! My favorite Bermudas song, Chu Sen Ling, is featured on Girls in the Garage Volume 5.

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