Friday, July 22, 2011

What's cookin'

If you like old ska, rocksteady, soul and singers like Phyllis Dillon, Susan Cadogan, Dawn Penn, chances are you're gonna love Hollie Cook. Her voice is sweeter than pie. She has a full length album out produced by Prince Fatty on Mr. Bongo Records as well as a 7-inch single. Hollie's father was Sex Pistols' drummer Paul Cook and she also recently was performing with The Slits. The music and production of the songs is stellar, a perfect combination of an old and new sound meshed perfectly together. Her talent will most-likely be overlooked in America, but I can totally see her being a huge star in Europe (if she's not already). You can listen to the entire album for free here and buy the LP here.

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Here's an amazing version of Walking in the Sand:

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