Thursday, July 22, 2010

Where in the world is Helen Harmon?

A few months ago I wrote about Whoom Elements from Austin, TX. Someone just wrote me needing to get a hold of her. A family member of theirs passed away that was friends with Helen. If you know who she is or where to find her, please email me at kellyfeverxo at gmail dot com. The woman mentioned she may still live in the Austin area. Thank you!

UPDATE: Helen has been found and has contacted me. Thanks to anyone that gave her a heads up!


  1. hello kelly its helen whoomdogs im alive an well in lake worth tx ft worth.yes i know about the death its been very, very, hard on me the kids did not contact me idont know what happenend thanks for looking for me. email lov to here ur cd.hellyea im ready to record thanks again helen whoomdogs

  2. Helen, my dear....I wanted to contact you but it wasn't my call...though I did look through numerous address books of Lynn's for your contact information. I thought that you should know about the death. There was so much drama....So glad that you weren't involved, though I really could have used your support. It was pure insanity. Pure and utter nutzo! You wouldn't even believe some of the things that happened...down to people acting like it was partially my fault. Oh Helen....we need to sit down and talk. I have paintings and poems of yours.