Saturday, March 13, 2010

WHOOM(p)! There it is!

Yesterday I found a 2-CD compilation I made of obscure girl punk records. It's seriously been years since I've heard this CD and it's so cool that I kind of want to make copies and give them to people. The Nuns, Vice Squad, Chinas Comidas, The Maps, The Punts and.... Whoom Elements.

I don't have a lot of information on Whoom Elements (pronounced "Womb" Elements), but what I do know is they were an all-girl band from Austin that put out a few 7-inch singles in the early 80's. The singer, Helen Harmon, was also the guitarist for another Austin punk band called Sleeping Dogs, who were on Crass Records. Here are the songs from their 7" single released in 1982. I wish I had a scanner to show ya'll the record cover. I can't seem to find the image anywhere on the internet...


  1. I am trying desperately to find Helen Harmon. My mother-in-law, a former lover of hers, just passed away. I cannot find her anywhere online, which is frustrating. I know she resides in Ft Worth. Where the hell is that gal???? I want her to play on my next album. (Helen....where art thou!?)

  2. do you still need to find her? I am her neighbor,

  3. do you still need to find her? I am her neighbor,