Saturday, March 13, 2010


The MnMs were fronted by Paul Collins' (The Nerves, The Beat) girlfriend Marci Marks. One 7" single was released in 1980 on Quark Records. It was produced by Larry Whitman (of The Beat) and the bass track was recorded by Steven Huff (also of The Beat). I just found out that it was re-released a few years after the original release in Europe with an extra track (My Boyfriends Back)!!!!!! Now, keep in mind Marci has a cutesy baby voice that some may find annoying... but I love that stuff. If you like bubblegum, powerpop and Clare Grogan (Altered Images), you will love MnM's. It looks like Marci still is singing/recording in LA and you can hear the song I'm Tired here.

Here's the song Knock Knock Knock... um you basically have to watch this, trust me on this one.

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