Thursday, September 17, 2009

Weak spot: Rice Dream Horchata (!!!)

Whole Foods, I literally hate you sometimes. You're the reason I'm growing a Buddha belly and can feel my thighs rub together when I walk, which is why I have to wear jeans all the time. So here you go again, calorically stabbing me in the back. Thanks a lot. Not! (Remember how everyone used to say "NOT!!" in the 90's?) I went to Whole Foods this past weekend minding my own biz and I see something I've never noticed before: Rice Dream Horchata? Como se dice "what the fuck" en Espanol? So I decided to take a chance. I have a love/hate relationship with horchata. It's either delicious or downright disgusting. Rice Dream Horchata is delicious and super creamy. I went to their website and saw these other Rice Dream drinks I've never seen before!! Chocolate Chai?!?!?! WHAT???!!! I want.

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