Friday, September 18, 2009

Chin Chin 'n' Livin' Sacrifice

There was a period of time when I only listened to girl music. Girl punk, 60's girl groups, girl new wave (um... not much has changed...). During that period I really had no bills to pay, lived at home and spent all my money on eBay records. I would just put in the search engine "rare girl punk" every day, several times a day, and would take a chance on literally every obscure girl punk band I could get my hands on. Those days of spending all the money I made on records is long over, sniffle sniffle. I discovered some really rad girl punk bands, two in particular: Chin Chin (pictured above) and Livin' Sacrifice (not to get confused with the 80's Christian metal band Living Sacrifice!!!)

Chin Chin:

Livin' Sacrifice:

I apologize profusely that this video is hosted by a gross "Juggalo", it was the only Livin' Sacrifice song I could find...

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