Sunday, September 6, 2009

Get with the program: The Cake

Not to be confused with one of the shittiest bands to ever come out of the 1990's (and that's saying a lot. I'm talking to you Ugly Kid Joe, Tripping Daisy, Crash Test Dummies and Crazytown). The Cake got their start in the late 60's, completely missing that "girl group train" from the early 60's, and because of this, I don't think they ever got the props they deserve. If you're into that blue-eyed soul/pop sound, you'll dig these ladies. I have their first album and have been looking for their 2nd LP, A Slice of Cake, for years (to no avail.)

Side note: I decided to stop shopping for records on's totally cheating. Plus, I don't trust lil' ol' Mary Lou Dinglehop from Bumbletit, Tennessee who found her grandma's "really old vinyls, you know, the real big ones?" that she decided to sell on "the internets." She doesn't know what a scratch is, or what heat damage looks like. She's one of "those" people who thinks, because she owns it, it's in near mint condition. "I mean, why wouldn't it be in perfect condition, I wouldn't hurt a fly, ya'll! Much less put a scratch on this here vinyls!!" Another side note: I hate when people call vinyl "vinyls" - seriously drives me bat shit crazy, but I feel like an ass being "that guy" who corrects people. So I just let it slide. Another side note: I knew a guy in high school who would pluralize and put a "the" in front of everything!! "Hey! Are you guyses going to the shows tonight at the Somas?" I seriously just started laughing out loud remembering that kid. My friend Lindsay and I would talk like him behind his back, not to be mean, simply because it was knee-slapping hilarious. "Hey Lindsays, are you the hungrys? I'm hungrys let's go get some the foods."

Holy moly, where was I? Oh yeah. I like the feeling of taking the two hour drive up to Amoeba and telling yourself there won't be one record there you will want. It's this mind game I play with myself, because I know I will find something I want, but just in case I don't, I already told myself I won't find anything. In the end, no one gets hurt. But I digress. The Cake. Bee's knees, cat's meow, eel's ankle, snake's hips. You get the idea! Check out the video below.

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