Sunday, October 31, 2010

Get with the program: Circle Pit

Circle Pit passed the Fred and Toody Cole's Rock n Roll 101 class with flying colors. They combine nonchalant dual male/female vocals with scumbag 80's/90's rock n roll. Their recent album, Bruise Constellation (Siltbreeze Records), is great because every song sounds different so you don't get bored while listening to it. Some songs are really melodic (like Beginning and the End, one of my personal favorites on the album, whose lead surf-drenched guitar solos throughout leave me mesmerized. You can listen to that song here) while some songs bring out singer Angela Bermuda's inner Nirvana-era Courtney Love meets Exene Cervenka, drizzled with some Kim Gordon and Toody Cole. This is the kind of album you blast as loud as possible while driving up the coast with all your windows rolled down. They're currently touring the states, check out their Myspace page and their blog. Listen to clips of the entire album here. Circle Pit plays Soda Bar November 8 with Jungle Fever and The Last Years.

(first of the 3 videos below) is my favorite track off this album. If you like Dead Moon, I think you'll really dig this band.

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