Monday, May 17, 2010

Must have 45/LP combo: The Punts/Bonnie Hayes

The Punts were a female-fronted late 70's new wave band from San Francisco. They released one 45 (pictured above) with the single Shelly's Boyfriend (b/w Rochambeau) and then a few years later changed their name to Bonnie Hayes and the Wild Combo. The band received moderate success in the early 80's, as a song off their first full-length LP on Slash Records, Girls Like Me, was featured on the Valley Girl soundtrack. They also re-recorded Shelly's Boyfriend for this record as well (it's just slightly different on the 45 than on the LP... I think the 45 sounds a tad bit slower and a little more "raw"). If you can get your hands on this album, you should pick it up. It's super catchy and I especially love the songs Shelly's Boyfriend, Girls Like Me and Inside Doubt. The band released a few more albums in the mid to late 80's. You can hear this album in its entirety here!!! Both the 45 and LP are a must have. Ideal for fans of the Go-Go's pop sound mixed with the quirkiness of Missing Persons.

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