Monday, May 24, 2010

Connie Francis!

I just got back from vacationing in Seattle! I went to a record store called Bop Street Records and was blown away by the selection. They had several records that have been on my want list for a while, specifically Connie Francis' album called Dance Party. This album was released in 1962, but was originally titled Do The Twist:

It was re-released several months later with a new album cover and new title, Dance Party!:

This album is SO fun and reminds me of the early Brenda Lee rock n roll/rockabilly sound. In fact, Brenda's album Miss Dynamite came out a few years before Dance Party... so I wouldn't be surprised if Connie was influenced by the success of Brenda's album.

Here's some songs off Dance Party:

Several others don't have an embedding option, but these songs are definitely worth checking out:

Johnny Darling

Mr. Twister

Mommy Your Daughter's Falling In Love

(and just to compare what I was talking about earlier in this post, here's a Brenda Lee song):

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