Sunday, October 18, 2009

Product of the week: "Cool" brand guitar picks

Maybe I strum my guitar way too hard, my hands sweat too much when I play and/or I just have a bad case of butterfingers, but any time I use someone else's guitar picks, they always fall out of my hand mid-song and it's kinda embarrassing. I discovered a pick a few years ago that cured this problem of mine 100%: Cool Picks brand "Ultra Cool" series guitar picks. I buy them online since the one place in San Diego that carries this brand in the gauge I like, .6mm (thin), is usually out of stock. I've tried other picks that have a rubber grip, but they aren't as good. The grip on Cool brand picks have rubberized heat-sensitive accu-grip that adjusts to the heat of your hand, so it really won't ever fall out of your fingers when you're playing. I buy these in bulk and always have them in my purse, pocket, wallet and my car's ash tray. Paranoid? Maybe a little. I just don't ever want to play a show without this pick or I will look like Barbara Butthole on stage...

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