Tuesday, September 29, 2009

You get stoned WHERE?!?!

Oldies music is my favorite kind of music, in fact, I think I like oldies more than I like punk music. Having said that, I feel bad that I never really gave good ol' Chubby Checker a chance. He seems like a nice man, right? But it's like... Ok Chubby (I can call you Chubby, right?) I get it, you wanna "do the Twist" with everyone over and over. You wanna twist here, you wanna twist there. No offense dude, but that song is played out and to be quite honest, I think the only people that like that song are overweight (white) men and women.

But Chub, I want to congratulate you for getting depressed and moving to Holland and recording a kick ass psychedelic garage masterpiece from 1971. If you're into Love or Arthur Lee's solo stuff, YOU WILL LOVE THIS ALBUM. I promise. One of the songs is called "Stoned in the Bathroom" - just based on that title, you can only imagine what this record sounds like. Available at Thirsty Moon Records in San Diego or you can always buy it here, too.

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