Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Numark is ready for a nap

I haven't listened to records in a while, I simply don't have time (not to mention I've been lazy). But today I cleaned my room, kicked back in front of the fan and enjoyed some great LPs and 45s:

The Anasazis: Introducing the Anasazis 7" (I Hate Rock n' Roll, 2009)
Even though I rarely leave my little ol' hermit shell, I try to make it out to see these guys when I feel like I can stay up past 9pm. I really do like this band and their new 7" rules! Lo-fi and super catchy garage in the same vein as the Black Lips. I really love the song "UFO's" - so catchy, I cannot stop listening to it!

Maren Parusel: s/t 7" (Single Screen Records, 2009)
Maren is one of my BFFs and she seriously is one of the most talented women I have ever met in my life. Her songs are SO catchy, I get them stuck in my head all the time. This is her debut record and if you like dreamy pop gems, you'll be way into this record. "Days in Universe" sounds like a Beatles song (when they were stoners), complete with violins... so pretty.

Lady Gaga: The Fame 2 LP set (Interscope, 2008)
It's a rarity to find gold nuggs in the vinyl new arrival bins. A few weeks ago I found a used (!!!) copy of Lady Gaga's album on vinyl!! So excited. Say what you want about Lady Gaga, but you can't deny girlfriend writes great dance/pop songs and has a killer voice (and have you seen her play piano? Holy moly this lady is talented). I really love the song "Summerboy" - it makes me feel like I'm 12 years old all over again...

Comet Gain: Beautiful Despair 12" (What's Your Rupture?, 2006)
Took a chance on this record based on the cover art. I just read their Wikipedia page and it described them as having "heavy influences from Dexys Midnight Runners and northern soul." Um. What? Don't really hear any of that influence on this record... one side reminds me of the darker Velvet Underground material and the other side is straight up rock n roll/Brit pop. Good stuff!!

Martha and the Vandellas: Dance Party LP (Motown, 1965)
I picked this up because I wasn't sure if I owned it already. I decided to buy it not based on the two top-notch hits (Nowhere to Run and Dancing in the Street), but because they did a cover of one of my favorite dance songs EVER: Mickey's Monkey. Of course, their version is amazing. But I gotta say, Smokey's version is, and will always be, my favorite...

The Scientists: Blood Red River LP (Munster Records)
A re-issue of their early 80's material. I only owned the Scientists early stuff, when they were more of a punk/rock n roll band. This era of the Scientists blows me away, it's seriously amazing. Sounds like the Cramps, but if I dare say so, better? Just really dark and totally different than their poppier stuff. Highly recommended.

Jay Reatard: Watch Me Fall (Matador, 2009)
Every time I see Jay, he blows me away. His band is so tight!! I like this new album, albeit, I've only heard it once, for the first time today (aside from the song "I'm Watching You", which reminds me of an old groovy bubblegum tune mixed with Nick Lowe's "Cruel To Be Kind", that I've played about 10 times in a row!!)

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