Saturday, September 5, 2009

Get with the program: Garbo's Daughter

I discovered Florida's Garbo's Daughter last year while searching for people that liked 60's girl groups on MySpace. Yeah, I kinda need to get a life. Anywho, forget all the over-hyped bands that all sound alike, this band is unique and fun and doesn't sound like Jesus and Mary Chain (for once). A mix of all my faves: girl groups, bubblegum, teeny bopper hits. They do a great cover of "Private Party" that was featured on one of the Girls in the Garage comps... and they are cute as a button to boot! I'm pretty sure they have a record or cassette or something coming out on Burger Records (?) They have a picture on their main myspace page that makes me want to be their best friend. Garbo's Daughter, can I please go to your house, pop some popcorn, make cupcakes, listen to that Jacques Dutronc 7" and trade Tune Totes?!!?!? Pleeeease???

Their myspace page is here.

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