Tuesday, November 15, 2011

X-mas for Underground Girls!

It’s that time of year again… that time of year when dudes don’t know what to get their dudettes, when dads don’t know what to get their lady grads, when musically-challenged friends don’t know what to get their super cool music-loving female friends… may I help you?

The rock n roll girl Holiday gift guide 2011:

First off, all girls love ModCloth.com – if you're in a hurry or really don't know what the heck to get her, just stick with an online gift card. ModCloth has super cute record and music-related items that are really unique!

What about a vinyl puzzle?

Or some super cute guitar and amp ornaments?

I have so many keys, I look like a mother effing janitor up in this joint. But I think having a keycap that looked like a mother effing record player would solve a lot of my problems!!

This boombox pouch is perfect for makeup and other lady-related items that guys freak out if a girl mentions (i.e. tampons)

I think lunch would taste better in a bento box that looked like a vinyl record, don’t you?

For the riot grrrrrl in your life, what about GIRLS TO THE FRONT? (I’m reading this right now and it’s pretty awesome)

…or the obscure female-fronted LA punk fan? Alice Bag’s new book!! (this is on my X-mas wish list… hint hint to my boyfriend if he is reading this!!)

The ultimate girl group lover present is this but you’ll have to cough up some major clamage. If you really love her, you’ll do it!!!

Is it creepy for adult women to collect dolls? A little. But these dolls aren’t creepy at all, they rule, and your lady friend will cherish them forever: Cyndi, Joan and Deb… you can even see what Cher’s ass looks like in doll form “if ahhh could tuuurn baaaack taaahhhimmeee”

Q: does every girl need this? A: hell yes.

Every girl could use the Phil Spector box set that came out a few weeks ago…

For the girl that has everything, why not go with one-of-a-kind, handmade goodies from Etsy?

For the record collector AND sweet toother (who, me?!)

If you have a suggestion you'd like to add, please leave me a comment! Happy shopping!! :-)

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