Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Who said girls can't rock?!

The B Girls lived such a small band life, but were great nonetheless. They relocated to New York from Toronto, sang back ups for Blondie on the Autoamerican album, stirred up some buzz in music zines, recorded a handful of songs... only to release one 45 on Bomp! Records. I really think they could have been the east coast version of the Go-Go's!! The original lead singer quit right before they were about to open for The Clash. They have a pretty cool website, check it out here. A compilation of all their recordings was released a few years ago and you can buy it here. Some of the songs were even recorded by Debbie Harry!!

Check out this awesome rare footage of a Sid and Nancy interview... the girl on the far right is Cynthia from The B Girls and her then-boyfriend. Some guy named Stiv Bators...never heard of him... ;-)

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