Monday, September 12, 2011

Are you planning a bootleg

I discovered three really fun bootleg 45s sold by Jump Up Records in Chicago by Lily Allen and the late, great Amy Winehouse last week and just got them in the mail today!!! The eBay link for one of the records is here and you can find the other two on their "see other items" page. They're 11 bucks a piece, which is really steep for a single, but I'm assuming these are limited edition and aren't east to find in stores, especially in San Diego.

I'll do the dirty work for you :-)

Amy Winehouse - The Ska EP:
Side A: Monkey Man and Hey Little Rich Girl
Side B: You're Wondering Now and Cupid

Her band is really amazing...

I especially love this one!!

Amy Winehouse - Nelson Mandela:
Side A: Nelson Mandela
Side B: Rehab and Valerie

This is all sorts of genius... love the choir and a dancing Annie Lennox!! :-)

Lily Allen - The Ska EP:
Side A: Gangsters
Side B: Blank Expression

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