Monday, August 1, 2011

Yvonne & Yvette

I'm a big fan of all things weird, kitschy and unusual, so I was pleasantly surprised by my most recent 7-inch score: a 4-song EP by Yvonne & Yvette, the Siamese Twins on Norton Records:

The back of the record has an in-depth bio of the ladies and their story is fascinating. Immediately after they were born, the circus came knocking and they wanted the girls to be part of a sideshow act. They grew up in the circus, as it was their only way of making money. As they got older, they were managed by Linda Hopkins and recorded some gospel songs. Later in life, the girls enrolled in college to pursue a nursing degree, but sadly died before they were able to become nurses. Hear samples of the songs here and buy the record here.

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