Sunday, July 10, 2011

John Waters' women

I'm a huge John Waters fan and, like everyone else, I love all the characters in his movies. Everyone knows Debbie Harry (Hairspray) was in Blondie, but did you know Divine had a moderately successful disco/dance career? Did you know Edith Massey recorded a punk anthem released on a super rare picture disc 7-inch single?

There are a chock full of female recording artists in Hairspray, probably the most well-known was Blondie's Debbie Harry. But did you know Pia Zadora, the beatnik lady who wanted to get naked and smoke, recorded 8 albums? Colleen Fitzpatrick, who played the snotty Amber Von Tussle, had a big hit in the 1990's under the stage name Vitamin C. The movie also featured the amazing OG rock n roller Ruth Brown as Maybelle Motormouth!!

While I know this blog is specifically dedicated to female singers, I still have to mention Tab Hunter and Stiv Bators were in one of my all-time favorite Waters films, Polyester. Tab also recorded the Polyester theme song with Debbie Harry. Oh! And Toussaint McCall was in Hairspray... so was Ric Ocasek and Sonny Bono!!!!!!

Rachel Sweet was the voice behind Allison Vernon-Williams in Cry Baby. Traci Lords recorded a handful of dance singles in the 90's. Iggy Pop was also in this movie, but he needs no introduction... Patty Hearst never recorded any music, but there are plenty of songs written about her, which is pretty cool. I freaking LOVE this Rachel Sweet song:

L7 was in Serial Mom as Camel Lips:

...and I think that covers it. Am I missing anybody? If so, let me know!!

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