Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mmm... mmm... Goodees

I can honestly say that some of the hardest records to find are 60's girl groups full length LPs. I wonder why that is? I'm thinking maybe they weren't as mass-produced and/or as popular as the boy bands of the era. Sometimes you can get your hands on the 45's (good luck trying to find them with picture sleeves!) Years ago I was able to get my hands on The Goodees LP - still sealed. Total score!!!!!!

The Goodees were a girl group from Memphis and had one minor hit song, Condition Red. This album features a really cute version of Double Shot (of my baby's love). They were signed to HIP Records (aka Stax Records) after they won a local talent contest. Last year, Ace Records released a Goodees compilation that features the entire album pictured above, some singles that weren't included on this album, B-sides and several unreleased tracks.

Condition Red is kind of Shangri-Las meets northern soul... so good!!

I love their version of Double Shot!!

This song was released as a single and was co-written/produced by Isaac Hayes!!

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