Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jungle Fever does The Eyes

I don't like to post too much about my band, but I'm making the exception because we just finished mixing our new album last night and it sounds amazing!! I wanted to share a sneak peak with you guys!! I figured ya'll might dig it because if you're reading this blog you probably like girl singers and, well, I'm a girl singer. We did a cover of The Eyes Don't Talk To Me. If you aren't familiar with this band, they were one of Charlotte Caffey's (The Go-Go's) first bands. I've always loved this song and Charlotte is a big musical influence of mine. You can listen to the original version of the song here. Now, how do I get a copy of this over to Charlotte for her stamp of approval?! Hmmm...

Dont talk to me by junglefevertheband

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