Sunday, January 9, 2011

Stompie Wompie!

Years ago when I was but a wee young lass, I discovered the Girls in the Garage compilation series. Most ladies featured on these records would probably be considered by most "one hit wonders" (if even that), but a few years ago I found an album from an Australian singer named Little Pattie (pictured above). The name rung a bell... I flipped it over and was surprised to see an entire albums worth of songs by the same girl from the GITG compilations!

The back cover has her entire story: In the early 60's, a very young Patty appeared on several television shows and started singing with a surf band (although she wasn't a surfer girl, she sang a lot of songs about surfer boys). Shortly after she appeared on these TV shows, she was signed to EMI. Her first single was this adorable song called He's My Blond Headed Stompie Wompie Real Gone Surfer Boy:

Seriously, how cute is that song? Reminds me of The Honeys! After her success with this record, she was given numerous awards and appeared on several TV shows - this wasn't cool with her high school teachers... so she dropped out of school when she was almost 15, released a solo album called The Many Moods of Little Pattie, appeared on a few more television shows and met The Beatles and The Beach Boys. NO BIG DEAL. She went on to record a few more pop albums in the 60's and some country albums in the 70's. After checking out her Wikipedia page, I've learned that she was recently inducted into the Australian Recording Industry Association's Hall of Fame and is currently a singing teacher... her cousin is the singer of The Divinyls (!!!)

Here are some "live" television appearances - so cute!!

Here's a short interview about her career in the 60's:

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  1. Two of the clips above are from my YouTube channel..she was and still is an extremely popular entertainer who has lasted through the hears. So many of us grew up listening to Little Pattie singing He's my blonde headed stompy wompy real gone surfer boy!!
    I was wondering if anybody had an album to sell called "The Many Moods of Little Pattie" as my one was played so much, it's scratched to pieces.