Friday, October 29, 2010


Peroxide formed in the late 70's in New York and were more new wave than they were punk. There's not too much information about the band on internet or back of the record cover (aside from the fact that New York Doll/Heartbreaker Jerry Nolan played drums on one of their singles). I did however find a fun interview with the singer, Lyn Todd, here. In 1980, Lyn released a solo LP on the Vangaurd label. A re-issue 10" which features songs off their single, demos and live tracks, is available on an Italian record label called Backstreet Records and can be purchased through Rave Up Records.

Check out this Peroxide song called Heart Disease. I'm assuming this was the A-side to their single. Lyn's voice kind of reminds me of Joan Jett a little bit!

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