Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kevin, you're what the French call "les incompetents", part deux

Les Calamités were a 60's "girl group" influenced French band. They recorded a full-length album in 1983 on New Rose which was then re-issued by Posh Boy under the name The Calamities to deter us Americans from butchering the pronunciation. They had instant success and were featured on several popular French television shows. Soon after they released their full-length album, they released a 4-song EP and also sang back up on The (French) Dogs version of The Ohio Express' Down at Lulu's. The girls then decided to take a break, go back to college and the band reformed a few years later. This resulted in a big hit for them (in France at least) with this fun, almost Primitives-esque (?), pop song:

You can hear some of their songs here as well as here, and you can buy their discography CD (at a hefty price mind you) here. One of their songs (a cover of The Who's The Kids Are Alright) is featured on this CD/LP.

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