Sunday, May 16, 2010

Daily Discovery: Nicole Willis I'm sitting here at my weekend job looking through all the new LP arrivals, when I notice a new release with a striking woman on the cover. I figure this was a new singer in her mid-20's. I put the record on and fell in love. It's a throwback to late 60's/early 70's soul/funk, but with a modern sound. I decided to do some research on Nicole and it turns out she was born in Brooklyn in 1963 (this woman has some good genes!) and actually started out performing in England in the 1980's. She was a member of The Hello Strangers and Blue Period, toured with The The and collaborated with Leftfield on this song. She's also an artist and writer. You should probably buy the album pictured above. Seriously good stuff.

Here's a video for one of the songs off her album:

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