Sunday, November 8, 2009

Product of the week: Bag Balm

*Please note this product is not vegetarian.

Bag Balm was originally created in 1899 as a lubricant to soften cow utters. Carafever introduced me to this product as a lip moisturizer when we were on a road trip last year. It cost a little under $10 for a large 10 ounce tin, I've had this for a year now and the tin is still almost full. This $10 tin will probably last me, no joke, several years. I use it daily as a lip moisturizer (buy one of those little tiny plastic travel jars, you can get them at Sephora or beauty supply shops) and it gives my lips a pretty sheen, without being overly glossy or sticky. It also is great to use with matte lipsticks to soften them up and make them look more like a lip gloss. I also use it for dry patches of skin on my shoulders and face and when I get paper cuts at work: it stops the bleeding, makes the pain go away and heels the cut. You know when you get a cold and you blow your nose non-stop and your nose gets really sensitive and dry? Put bag balm on your nose, the dryness will be gone within a few hours.

After researching the benefits of Bag Balm, I found it has many uses: as a moisturizer for new tattoos, to moisturize dry/cracked dog paws, saddle sores for bicyclists, calluses for rock climbers, diaper rash, moisturizes irritated nipples from breast feeding, cracked heels, dry skin, eczema, Shania Twain uses it to moisturize her hair and I can totally see this helping to calm those annoying fly-aways when the weather is wonky!, as a lubricant for window casings, screws and doorknobs and other household items that tend to stick, helps to stop stretch marks and soreness when you're pregnant... the list goes on! This stuff really works and is perfect for people like me who are on a tight budget.

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