Saturday, October 10, 2009

Reviewing the Sandie Shaw

You wouldn't think an LP consisting entirely of covers would be one of my favorite records, but it is. Sandie Shaw's renditions of songs that were big hits at the time by equally-famous artists makes me wonder why she wasn't a huge star in America. Everyone else was covering The Beatles and Bob Dylan, so why wasn't Sandie as popular as The Supremes? I guess the same could be said about Lulu and other female British singers. Released in 1969, Reviewing the Situation takes us on a unique journey, ranging from popular musical numbers (the album's title being a song from the musical Oliver), pop and rock n roll (Sympathy for the Devil, Your Time is Gonna Come, Love Me Do, Lay Lady Lay) and even soul (Walking the Dog). Her version of Dr. John's Mama Roux made me hunt down and buy that Dr. J record to hear the original and I gotta say, her version is better (sorry dude). Not to mention her version of Led Zeppelin's Your Time is Gonna Come is brilliant. If you don't believe me, check it out below. Dylan's Lay Lady Lay makes me feel like I'm floating in clouds. This album is available now on CD with two extra tracks that aren't on the original LP.

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