Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mohammed Rafi:Officially the coolest dude. Ever.

Ghost World is probably my favorite movie of all time, aside from maybe High Fidelity. I guess I like movies that involve record stores and/or record collectors (especially if one of the record collectors is David Cross, duh.) After the movie came out, I was obsessed with the Indian song that was played during the opening sequence when Enid was dancing her butt off. It was my mission to have this song on vinyl. The hunt began... and I found the mother load:

A limited edish Mohammed Rafi picture disc 7-inch!!! I used to listen to this record every single morning for over a month straight as my "this is how I'm going to start my day!" song and would literally dance around my room for 5 minutes and 32 seconds. Then it progressed into "I must own every groovy Indian record ever made" and then realized "oh yeah, groovy Indian records are expensive... and I work at a record store" so I just decided to have someone burn me copy of Simla Beat and bought some Easy Mac at Rite Aid.

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