Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Get with the program: The Revelons

The Revelons are one of those bands that when you’re fortunate enough to finally discover them, you’re mad you hadn’t heard of them sooner (which is what happened to me after my friend made me a copy of their CD!) There’s a quote on The Revelons webpage: “It is impossible to believe that punk-era music this rock, this raw, this heartfelt and this good has been buried for nearly twenty years.” I couldn’t agree more. And why weren’t they more popular? Hello!! Members of The Patti Smith group AND Television!! Rock n roll, a little bit of powerpop and a whole lot of seriously GREAT songwriting. As far as I know, and I could be totally wrong here, they only had one 7” and a song on one of those random alternative compilation LPs that came out in the early 80’s (I found mine in the budget bin at Amoeba! Total score!!) Buy their “Anthology” CD as soon as humanly possible. Thank me later, dudes.

Below are the songs on their 7” single:

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