Friday, September 25, 2009

Dandy Sandi

San Diego is home to a lot of terrible bands, but some really rad bands and artists have emerged from "America's Finest City": Tom Waits, Frank Zappa, the Tell-Tale Hearts, Zeros, sLiGhTLy StOOpiD, Battalion of Saints, the Standbys (ever heard of these guys? I have their 45 and it rules!), Drive Like Jehu and so on and so forth. You know I was totally kidding about Slightly Stoopid, right? One of the gems that came out of San Diego was a female-fronted doo-wop group called Sandi and the Accents. They were only around for about 2 years and then called it quits when one of the dudes got drafted into the army. These cats even opened up for the Rolling Stones, beyotch!!! You can buy their discography CD on their website and also hear clips of some songs, too. Below is my favorite song, You Better Watch Out Boy:

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