Monday, September 21, 2009

The coolest house on the block

By far one of the best record labels of all time. Although their effort was short lived, only existing a mere two years, Dangerhouse released some of LA's greatest punk records by California's greatest punk bands. Luckily a lot of their 7" singles have been re-released as bootlegs, which I guess is better than owning nothing at all. The coolest thing about Dangerhouse was that they were very female friendly: X (Exene Cervenka), The Avengers (Penelope Houston), The Alleycats (Dianne Chai), The Eyes (Charlotte Caffey who later joined The Go-Go's), The Bags (Alice Bag and Pat Bag... better known as Patricia Morrison who later joined The Gun Club and then Sisters of Mercy).

One of my favorite records on the label is a record that I often wonder how the artist was ever discovered in the slimy sea of safety pinned-garbage bag wearing-bandana'd punks: Howard Werth. Werth was in a British band in the late 60's and early 70's called Audience (who got their claim to fame by opening up for Led Zeppelin). A friend of a friend mentioned his name to the head of Dangerhouse (who was a huge Audience fan) and they agreed to make a more mainstream record:

I love The Alleycats, but after their Dangerhouse 7" and their first LP, they got kinda weak in my opinion. This is them when they ruled:

Ok ok... settle the F down. I know this wasn't a Dangerhouse release, but I have to just post this song below, because it's one of my favorite X songs and was never released on a record (just on their discography CD) and they never ever ever play it live and it really bums me out. If I ever meet John or Exene (already met Billy and DJ, not showing off, just sayin'. Ok who am I kidding. I'm gonna show off for like 5 seconds and just tell ya'll I was backstage the entire time during the Masque reunion show (shitting my dipes) meeting the coolest people EVER!!!) I'm going to ask them why they never play this song live. Ladies and gents... Delta 88:

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